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Offering an unsurpassed quality of life, Victoria has been rated as Canada’s Smartest City (Maclean’s Magazine) and is home to some of the world’s best educators, brightest minds and top research facilities.

Greater Victoria is British Columbia’s second largest metropolitan area. With a population of 360,000, Victoria may appear to be small on a global measuring stick, but it has everything international students need to adapt and succeed.

Welcoming close to 10,000 international students each year, Victoria offers friendly and safe communities, a mild climate, a vibrant social and cultural scene with great shopping, music, theatre, restaurants, festivals, outdoor activities, and so much more.

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It is impossible to not fall in love with Victoria. My experience was amazing. I met great people from all around the world, and I learned much more than English. The city is beautiful and the people are lovely.”
Gabriela, Brazil/UVic ELC student.

About Victoria

Victoria is the capital of Canada’s Province of British Columbia, located on the southern tip of beautiful Vancouver Island in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. It offers a majestic natural environment and serves as the gateway to global business markets. Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and San Francisco are just short hops away by either ferry or plane.

The region is a thriving hub for innovation. Technology in particular, Victoria’s largest industry sector, creates excellent opportunities for students whose programs include co-operative employment opportunities.

“Today the city has about 900 tech companies and counting—it’s becoming known as Tectoria—and lots of gorgeous old brick warehouses, which now house stylish indie boutiques stocked full of local designs along with great bars, bakeries, and restaurants.”
Vogue Magazine, April 2016

Friendly, Safe and Clean

Voted Canada’s Friendliest City (Condé Nast Traveler), people in Victoria are known for being friendly, laid back and approachable.
New international students are often surprised by how they are made to feel welcome from the time they arrive and as they explore the city while they try out their new English-language skills.

Victoria prides itself on being a community that embraces diversity of all types. Regardless of race, nationality, religion, LGBTQ+ or disability, everyone is welcome here!

“In Victoria I could meet awesome people. I was surprised that they were so kind and friendly. When I met people they always greeted with smiles. It made me happy. I’m sure that Victoria has the kindest and friendliest culture in the world!”
Aki Matsubara, Japan/UVic ELC student

Canada’s Mildest Climate

Victoria’s climate is classified as Sub-Mediterranean, offering the mildest weather in all of Canada. With almost 2,200 hours of sunshine each year, Victoria is one of the sunniest cities west of the Rockies. The city is green year round, and whenever snow does falls, people tend to enjoy it since it is so rare and lasts only briefly.

Winters are so mild, many people confide they are most comfortable wearing just rain gear with a scarf, gloves, and an extra sweater or hoodie to keep warm during the October to March fall/winter season.

Rich with Heritage

Rich-with-Heritage-3Victoria is one of the Pacific Northwest’s oldest cities. Established in 1843 as a British settlement, the city is known for its many historic buildings, the two most famous being its iconic Legislative Buildings completed in 1897, and the Empress Hotel which first opened its doors in 1908. Victoria’s Chinatown is the oldest in Canada and second oldest in North America after San Francisco. The region continues to have a sizeable First Nations population, and the Coast Salish Peoples have had established communities in the area for several thousand years, long before non-native settlements.

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